Visual Artist

William Weird

Born on a spot of earth in the middle of the Fraser River known locally as Nicomen Island, BC, William moved to Vancouver to earn his Associates at Langara and BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. These educational pursuits lead him to follow additional studies in creative writing, history and sociology.

William has had the opportunity to work with award winning director Amanda Strong, and assisted in production with several shorts, including "How to Steal a Canoe" and "Four Faces of the Moon". In the past, he has worked for Sid Dickens, inc. and RK Productions. Whenever he is not occupied, he is participating with local theatre and roleplay productions in producing costumes, props and graphic designs.

William describes himself as an "Interdisciplinary Geek" who always picks up a new material if it means making something realized. He is a sculptor, illustrator, painter, designer, costumer and more.

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